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Yuma de Cuba aims to incorporate all the rhythm and energy of a full salsa band within a smaller format that also allows for a more nuanced and artistic experience. Yuma de Cuba's music draws on the rich history of Cuban music, including boleros, cha-cha-chas, sones, and timbas. The group’s sound is also influenced by Colombian cumbia and salsa from around the world.

The group is made up of several of the finest players in the Portland salsa scene: Dina (vocals, hand percussion) and Handy Martinez (congas, background vocals) are a sister and brother team from Havana, Cuba. Ethan Maier (keyboards, background vocals) plays full-time in salsa bands and jazz combos around Portland. We also incorporate the traditional Cuban flute into our sound for a full and danceable sound.



Youtube: Live at Oxbow Regional Park

August 2018